OptiTrack Releases Motive 3.0 Software
July 12, 2021

OptiTrack Releases Motive 3.0 Software

CORVALLIS, OR – Motion capture solutions and technology provider OptiTrack has released Motive 3.0, a rebuilt version of its intuitive software to further simplify high-quality, low-latency performance capture and motion tracking. 
Designed for use alongside OptiTrack’s tracking cameras and featuring a new skeletal solver, Motive 3.0 helps users navigate even the most difficult tracking situations with heavy marker occlusion, delivers precise real-time tracking, and allows users to efficiently capture accurate data and produce visually compelling CG content. Additional enhancements include tracking more than 300 rigid bodies simultaneously using active and/or passive markers, precision finger tracking with integrated Manus VR gloves, and anchor markers to aid automated calibration and comprehensive marker labeling. 

Key Motive 3.0 features include: 
— Solver with Industry-leading accuracy and speed
— Passive and active tracking support
— Advanced customization 
— Digital Delsys EMG systems integration
— Enhanced movement science workflows

Additionally, Motive 3.0 improves its innovative Continuous Calibration feature, which automatically monitors and maintains system calibration  for trouble-free system operation, allowing users to focus on their work and not the tracking technology. It also easily integrates with industry-standard applications for real-time streaming, including Unreal Engine, Unity3D and MotionBuilder for performance capture and Virtual Production, and STT Insight, Visual3D and TheMotionMonitor for Human Movement studies, and supports custom interfaces created using OptiTrack’s Motive API (Motive without a UI for rigid body tracking), the free Camera SDK (direct camera control), and the NatNet SDK (network streaming). 

Motive 3.0 beta is available now for $999 for object-only tracking; $4,999 for human tracking (up to three real-time performers/subjects) and object tracking; and $9,999 for tracking of unlimited human performer/subject counts and object tracking.