Ncam and disguise Partner on Virtual Studio Tech
January 22, 2021

Ncam and disguise Partner on Virtual Studio Tech

LONDON – Ncam and disguise have forged a partnership that unites Ncam’s real-time camera tracking system with disguise xR, opening up an intuitive blend of LED technology, real-time rendering and point cloud tracking for high-end virtual productions. 
The tracking tech brings more flexibility to broadcast and live events looking to blend CGI, video and extended reality (XR).
The disguise platform helps brands explore immersive storytelling with the latest advancements in XR. With disguise xR technology, teams can blend virtual and physical worlds together, bringing immersive AR and MR to live production environments. This new xR solution expands their ability to deliver virtual filming systems to a wider variety of clients, who increasingly need trackers that aren’t limited to a single surface or location.
disguise xR can directly respond to growing trends built on LED walls and live real-time content, producing pixel-perfect live imagery on vast, complex surfaces. By combining Ncam Reality with disguise’s current offering, clients will be able to visualize live AR, MR & XR, real-time CGI environments, set extensions and CGI elements directly in-camera, using the most advanced tracker in the world.
Novel for its use of computer vision and point clouds, Ncam Reality can track in any environment, on any camera, with any lens or rig, making it easy to build into any type of production. This flexibility will also allow productions to quickly swap out virtual sets during remote shoots, reducing both real estate requirements and the number of staff needed onsite, so budgets can stretch even further.