Looking Glass Factory Extends Holographic Line
July 13, 2021

Looking Glass Factory Extends Holographic Line

BROOKLYN, NY AND HONG KONG – Looking Glass Factory has added a new generation of holographic systems following the December launch of the first personal holographic display, Looking Glass Portrait. 
The line will now include new 4K and 8K systems designed for the workplace that offer a new design and crisper quality, super stereoscopic 3D holograms. The “4K and 8K Gen2” systems are the only 3D holographic interfaces that allow multiple people to view lifelike 3D content simultaneously, improving communication and collaboration.

“Our goal with this new generation of holographic interfaces was to create systems that were more accessible to anyone interested in communicating ideas with lifelike realism,” said Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass Factory. “From Looking Glass Portrait to our Looking Glass 8K Gen2 interface, we are offering a lineup that meets the needs of individuals and enterprises alike.” 

The newest generation of Looking Glass systems now consists of three new hardware products — Looking Glass Portrait, Looking Glass 4K Gen2 with its 15.6-inch display, and Looking Glass 8K Gen2 with its 32-inch display (the largest available holographic interface on the market). The most notable difference is in the hardware itself, which is now “blockless,” meaning the screen is thinner, the hardware is lighter weight, and the holograms float out of the screen. Improved optics decrease ambient reflections, making group viewability easier. In addition, the 4K system can operate in standalone mode (similar to Looking Glass Portrait), making it easier-to-use and more portable than the first generation system.

Looking Glass has also upgraded and standardized its software, including new upgrades to its plugins for Unity, Unreal and Blender. All systems will now also run on Looking Glass’s new holographic companion application HoloPlay Studio, a purpose-built software application for easy viewing, editing, and syncing of holographic media.

Looking Glass Factory’s new lineup will include some new pricing. While Looking Glass Portrait is available for $299, the new Looking Glass 4K Gen2 is priced at $3,000. 8K Gen2 units cost $17,500, though for a limited time, units will be available for a promotional price of $15,000.

Looking Glass Portrait has already begun shipping and is available to order on the Looking Glass. The 4K and 8K holographic interfaces are available to pre-order today at Look.glass with shipments starting in the fall of 2021.