Isotropix's Angie Renderer Enters Early Access
December 8, 2021

Isotropix's Angie Renderer Enters Early Access

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE – Isotropix, developer of high-end, innovative graphics software, has announced the early access release of Clarisse 5.5 with its new renderer, Angie. 
Developed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate into Clarisse’s interactive CG workflow, Angie lets users render on a CPU, GPU, or both combined, for maximum performance and flexibility, without compromising the final result. Anyone with a Clarisse license, including Personal Learning Edition (PLE) and trial licenses, can download the early access build of Clarisse 5.5.

Angie adds an additional rendering solution to Clarisse, enabling CPU and GPU final rendering based on Nvidia OptiX hardware-accelerated ray tracing. It can work in tandem with or in place of the classic Clarisse renderer, which will remain part of the software, to deliver major speed increases. Angie’s use of hybrid rendering advances, along with its simplified controls, gives users at every level fast, easy access to maximum rendering performance and quality that is consistent when rendering on either a CPU or GPU. 

Says Sam Assadian, CEO of Isotropix. “Angie is a revolution. The CPU can render images on average twice as fast as the classic Clarisse renderer. While on a high-end laptop the GPU is on average six times faster than the CPU, making it 12 times faster than the classic Clarisse renderer. For indies and small studios, Angie puts the power of a small render farm immediately at hand.”

Isotropix continues its commitment to VFX standards compliance with Angie, adding full support for Open Shading Language (OSL) to make Clarisse more open and highly customizable, which is especially helpful to users developing custom shaders. Angie also adds support for MaterialX, technology created by LucasFilms, that gives users the freedom to easily import and export look development out of Clarisse, with no compromise to image fidelity.

Angie also takes Clarisse users one step closer to working in real-time with a new Previz render mode that renders on a GPU up to 20 times faster than a CPU. Along with the Nvidia OptiX denoiser, this delivers real-time, photorealistic feedback, taking set dressing, lookdev, previz and art direction of production-ready environments to the next level.

Early access for Clarisse 5.5 with Angie is available to anyone from the Isotropix website. Existing customers can get a first look at Angie using their current license. New users can start testing with a Clarisse trial or evaluation license, or the PLE.

For more information about the product, see the video