Isotropix Updates Clarisse to V5
May 13, 2021

Isotropix Updates Clarisse to V5

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE – Isotropix has released Clarisse 5, the latest update of its flagship product, with over 100 new features and improvements across all aspects of the software. The company also announced new competitive and flexible offers for all its customers as well as a new free learning edition of its software capable of running the latest version of  Clarisse iFX or Clarisse BUiLDER.
Some of the new feature areas include:

Set Dressing — The company is introducing a built-in USD exporter in Clarisse 5 allowing entire Clarisse scenes to be imported in all applications supporting USD without the need of any custom tools. 

Look Development — Clarisse 5 offers a new multi-purpose PBR material based on Autodesk Standard Surface Material (ASSM) specification which is already supported by Autodesk Arnold and Substance Painter.

Lighting — Clarisse 5 brings significant updates to lighting. It offers new controls to independently tweak light contributions in diffuse, reflection, refraction or volume paths. Sampling of area lights, especially IES lights in volumes have been greatly improved. As a result, Clarisse 5 produces less noise in renders than Clarisse 4 for the same amount of samples. 
Rendering — Emission Importance Sampling (EIS) is a new unbiased rendering feature greatly improving sampling of materials defining emission. 

Workflow — Many aspects of Clarisse workflow have been improved in version 5, making the application faster and simpler to use. All item attributes have been reorganized into logical hierarchical groups and only most relevant attributes are now exposed by default. Users can now quickly manage the visibility of attribute groups in the Attribute Editor which also display new visual hints to identify user-modified attributes.

Clarisse 5 is immediately available to purchase through Isotropix online store and authorized resellers. Existing customers with active maintenance are eligible for a free upgrade. With the release of Clarisse 5, Isotropix is introducing whole new pricing and special offers.