Foundry Live Returns!
February 23, 2021

Foundry Live Returns!

LONDON — Get ready, Foundry Live is returning March 15-25. Foundry Live is a series of online events focused on highlighting key trends coming in the VFX industry and showcase Foundry’s latest updates. 
This year’s virtual sessions will dive into the future of look development and lighting, the latest releases of Nuke and Modo, and the key technologies driving change in our workflows and pipelines. The event will conclude with an industry-focused Education Session. Foundry Live is supported by Lenovo and AMD.

“We remain committed to offering the best software tools to help artists save time and get to the final image faster. This year at Foundry Live, we will reveal our latest updates on interoperability and software integration and discuss how we make creative work even more enjoyable for artists everywhere,” says Jennifer Goldfinch, Foundry’s director of industry marketing. “We are bringing back our Education Summit dedicated to educators who are teaching the next generation of VFX professionals the skills required to succeed with the tools of the future”.

A detailed schedule for the second edition of Foundry Live includes:

The Future of Look Development and Lighting Solutions
Monday, March 15th -  6:00 PM GMT | 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST 

Foundry’s Look Development and Lighting team will give an exclusive look at the roadmap for Mari and Katana. Learn about the developments being made to provide innovative solutions that remove pipeline friction, streamline their workflows, and help artists get their desired results faster. REGISTER HERE

Empowering Artists with Nuke 13.0
Tuesday, March 16th -  6:00 PM GMT | 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST 

A deep dive into Nuke 13! We’ll walk you through the key features and updates, including the intro of a Hydra-based 3D viewport, machine learning-enabled tools, and much more.  REGISTER HERE

Key Forces and Technologies driving change in the VFX industry
Thursday, March 18th -  6:00 PM GMT | 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST 

Take a step into the future with this session, as we take a look at the technologies driving the changes to production as we know it, the benefits they’re set to bring, and how we should start to embrace them into our productions. REGISTER HERE

3D Design for Artists with Modo 15
Tuesday, March 23rd -  7:00 PM GMT | 2:00 PM EST | 11:00 AM PST 

Modo 15.0 is pushing the boundaries of modeling, animation, and rendering for design artists everywhere. The Modo product designers and a panel of industry professionals will give a behind-the-scenes look into the upcoming Modo 15.0 release. REGISTER HERE 

Education Summit 2021
Thursday, March 25th -  8:00 PM GMT | 3:00 PM EST | 12:00 PM PST 

Educators in VFX will learn more about our work on artist-driven machine learning tools coming to Nuke, as well as take a deep dive into the rising importance of color management for artists. Our experts in the rapidly emerging field of virtual production will also be on hand to discuss its impact on VFX and how tools are adapting to meet this industry-wide shift.  REGISTER HERE