First Mile Technologies Introduces Camera-to-Cloud Connectivity
July 26, 2021

First Mile Technologies Introduces Camera-to-Cloud Connectivity

TORONTO—First Mile Technologies, a developer of creative connectivity solutions for media and entertainment production, has launched a new service to allow film, television and advertising productions to stream live, high-quality camera media to the cloud, making it accessible live for review, editorial, post-production and visual effects through a choice of various platforms. 
The service streamlines production workflows by offering an alternative to the current practice where camera media is recorded to hard drives and digitally processed before delivery to production and post-production partners.

First Mile developed its system with support from Dejero, a maker of mobile transmitters and IP video transport systems, and other technology partners. It integrates cellular, fiber, broadband and satellite connections into “super networks” enabling productions, whether on a stage or on location, to securely live stream camera data to a cloud server. Remote production staff, editors and others can access the camera stream from any device, including iPhone and iPad, via Evercast, Sohonet ClearView, or the company’s proprietary viewing platform First Mile Frame. 

“We move files, proxies or full resolution, almost instantly over long distances,” says CEO Brandon Cooper.  “Productions can connect from anywhere to anywhere.”