Fantasy-Driven Virtual Metaverse Concert Scheduled
September 2, 2021

Fantasy-Driven Virtual Metaverse Concert Scheduled

What happens when you mix music from a chart-topping virtual metal band, gaming, imaginative computer graphics, and state-of-the-art mixed-reality technology? A first-of-its kind Metaverse concert. 
Wave, a leader in virtual entertainment, has announced the interactive concert with band Pentakill from League of Legends. The full interactive album experience will premiere on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, at 1:00 pm PT on Wave’s platform,
Pentakill’s Lost Chapter: An Interactive Album Experience is a collaboration between Riot Games, Wave and Oscar-winning global production studio The Mill. The virtual concert will take fans on a journey through the full concept album before it drops following the show. 

Audiences will immerse themselves in the experience, engaging with the band and each other like never before through live chat, voting and seeing themselves live on stage alongside Pentakill. Wave will also be rolling out new features developed specifically for Riot Games that will grant fans the power to influence the performance in real time, for the most integrated storytelling experience to date.
A heavy metal band stretching the limits of the imagination, Pentakill is a force of fantasy-driven power metal performed by a rich and varied cast of characters.
Alex Wills, Chief Experience Officer of The Mill, comments, “With the Metaverse on everyone’s lips right now, we are incredibly proud to be pushing the envelope with such an ambitious virtual event that tangibly shows the kinds of experiences audiences are beginning to demand in this next iteration of the internet. To deliver a 45-minute live and interactive virtual stadium rock show, with such unprecedented scope and rich detail of visuals, musical narrative and performance meant we had to assemble the very best team of artists, developers, producers and directors. The result is a unique piece of real-time CG craft featuring what I believe are some of the most exceptional character designs and environments produced in-engine for this type of experience, folded into the interactive music experience of the future. Most importantly it’s a mind-blowing end-to-end piece of entertainment that will have Pentakill and League of Legends fans, and a host of new followers, utterly transfixed, and raise the bar for virtual performances. Welcome to the Metal-Verse!"