Disguise Unveils r18 for Real-Time Virtual Production
April 14, 2021

Disguise Unveils r18 for Real-Time Virtual Production

Disguise’s Designer software has empowered creatives in film production around the globe to revolutionize their on-set experience. Now, r18 will bring further enhancements to disguise’s state-of-the-art virtual production and extended reality (XR) capabilities, particularly when paired with LED technologies. 
Together with disguise hardware, this unlocks seamless real-time integration of real and virtual environments, replacing other virtual production solutions like green screens. It also enables users to build digital set extensions for when the camera frame is wider than practical LED screens – so ideas can take shape on a massive scale. 

Features in r18 include: 
  • ACES color management 
  • Cluster rendering
  • DirectX12 (DX12) support 
  • Augmented reality plate merge
  • Accelerated spatial and color calibration