Canvas GFX Rolls Out Canvas Envision for Documentation
July 27, 2021

Canvas GFX Rolls Out Canvas Envision for Documentation

BOSTON — Canvas GFX, Inc. has launched Canvas Envision, a visual communication and collaboration solution for product documentation. The new platform aligns with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to drive faster time to release for critical product-related documentation. 
Flat documents reliant on CAD screen grabs, bottlenecks in document production, varied skillsets and software access, and sub-optimal feedback and collaboration processes can all lead to costly inefficiencies across the organization. With Envision, everyone from engineers to marketing and sales teams can easily create documents that visualize the latest 3D CAD models, optimizing workflows and minimizing delays and stale data issues which can have a measurable economic impact.
The platform combines a lightweight graphics application with cloud-based document storage, access, and collaboration.
Envision Creator is a highly intuitive, lightweight graphics app which allows users to import and manipulate 3D CAD models, and work with vector graphics, photo-editing tools, text layout and more. Quick to learn and easy to use, Envision Creator requires no prior CAD training.
Envision Cloud allows downstream colleagues and audiences to view documents through any browser, with the ability to interact with the models in the document, as well as collaborate using intuitive mark-up and commenting features.