Autodesk Acquires Cloud-Based Animation Pipeline Software from Tangent Labs
November 19, 2021

Autodesk Acquires Cloud-Based Animation Pipeline Software from Tangent Labs

Autodesk has acquired LoUPE, the  cloud-based production pipeline technology for artists and studios, and is hiring the team that created it at Tangent Labs. 
The acquisition furthers Autodesk’s mission to make it easier for artists, producers and supervisors to work more efficiently and scale with the pace of production using a cloud-based ecosystem.
Among those joining the Autodesk team is Tangent Labs founder Jeff Bell, along with his development team who have decades of production experience, and extensive software expertise in areas such as asset management and real time reporting & analytics. A well-respected leader in the 3D animation industry, Bell started his career at Alias Wavefront, and previously worked at Autodesk on the Maya team. His animation and asset management expertise will help drive the future of production in the cloud, and shape future industry collaborations. 
By combining LoUPE technology and Tangent Lab talent with Autodesk’s well-established leadership in production management and content creation, the company aims to accelerate development of next-generation cloud production tools for the media and entertainment industries. This is the latest development in Autodesk’s continued efforts to build software that empowers animators and studios to create the best stories