AMD Offers New Radeon PRO W6000X Series GPUs for Mac Pro
August 4, 2021

AMD Offers New Radeon PRO W6000X Series GPUs for Mac Pro

AMD has announced the availability of new AMD Radeon PRO W6000X series GPUs for Mac Pro, including Radeon PRO W6800X and Radeon PRO W6900X GPUs, as well as the Radeon PRO W6800X Duo graphics card, a dual-GPU configuration that leverages high-speed AMD Infinity Fabric interconnect technology to deliver up to 30.2 (FP32) teraflops of compute performance.

Built on 7nm manufacturing process and the energy efficient, high-performance AMD RDNA 2 architecture, the Radeon PRO W6000X series powers a wide range of demanding professional design and content creation workloads, unleashing creativity and productivity for pro users.
Key capabilities and features of AMD Radeon PRO W6000X series GPUs include:
High-speed GDDR6 memory – Up to 64GB of GDDR6 memory with up to 512 GB/s bandwidth provides ultra-fast transfer speeds to power data-intensive professional applications. 
AMD Infinity Cache – Up to 256MB (total) of last-level data cache integrated on the GPU die is designed to reduce latency and power consumption.
AMD Infinity Fabric – Provides a high-bandwidth, low latency, direct connection between the local AMD GPUs, enabling high speed GPU-to-GPU communications designed to satisfy today’s creative workloads.