Vigilante Receives Unreal Grant for Model Library Creation
December 3, 2020

Vigilante Receives Unreal Grant for Model Library Creation

Vigilante has been awarded a MegaGrant from Epic Games to deliver a Model Library for Unreal Engine.
Epic has committed $100 million to adopt Unreal engine (UE) as an image generating (IG) platform and create amazing content, by lowering one of the barriers to entry – cost. These include game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers. For all of them and those who are running HLA or DIS-enabled distributed simulations, through this program, Vigilante will create:
∗ A library of more than 100 assets, which will be sufficient to cover a wide spectrum of scenarios for Sea, Air, and Land applications.
* A simple way to provide visual scenes of the simulation environment in UE renderer.
* HLA/DIS certified content on the marketplace
The provision of a free library of content on the Unreal Marketplace will enable start-up, smaller and enterprise users alike to leverage Unreal technology into their own solutions, and training systems. Vigilante and Epic would like to encourage the community to build up this library, providing a free resource and service for all users.
Vigilante proposed the creation of a plug-in which would function as an intermediate between a Vigilante-created content library and any third-party HLA/DIS provider, such as Epic Grant-recipient, coreDS Unreal. This plug-in will be provided for free on the Unreal Marketplace, lowering the technological barrier for users of distributed simulations by being a plug-in which “just works”, easing the integration process and allowing for significant reductions in implementation time.
Seb Loze, Industry Manager, Simulations chez Epic Games, "In the simulation context, content is king, lots of programmers and experts are starting to use Unreal Engine and sometimes are worried about starting from scratch. By providing this comprehensive and free library to use a spring-board, Vigilante is lowering the barrier and allowing users to focus on the semantics of their simulation applications rather than on creating true to life visual representation of their entities."