Velocity Micro Announced New Line of Pro Desktop and Server Workstation Solutions
July 31, 2020

Velocity Micro Announced New Line of Pro Desktop and Server Workstation Solutions

RICHMOND, VA — Velocity Micro, builder enthusiast desktops, laptops, high-performance computing solutions, and professional workstations, has rolled out new products oriented toward professional workloads. 
The new NetMagix server series puts Velocity Micro’s most popular workstations powered by AMD Threadripper, Epyc, and Intel Scalable Xeon into a highly versatile 4U rack mountable form factor for workstation class power in a server platform, with configurations starting under $3,000. Also launching is the new ProMagix Eco20, a budget friendly desktop designed for professional office environments, powered by new AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 processors.

Configurations start at $1,099.
Inspired by Velocity Micro’s line of ProMagix desktops, the new rackmountable server solutions, NetMagix Servers, bring workstation power to a scalable 4U form factor. Options include:
NetMagix S80 – Powered by 3rd gen AMD Threadripper for up to 128 CPU threads of processing power and dual Nvidia Quadro graphics. Starting at $4,619.

NetMagix S150 – A Single socket AMD Epyc platform for CPU intensive workloads requiring high RAM density. Starting at $2,879.

NetMagix S360MAX – Dual socket Intel Scalable Xeon provides a wide array of configuration options to match price, performance, and power to any workflow. Starting at $2,949.

NetMagix S360A – Velocity Micro’s most powerful server option, this dual Epyc system offers up to 256 threads, 1TB+ 3200 MHz RAM, and 8 hard drives. Starting at $3,899.
The ProMagix Eco20 , powered by new AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 processors, brings boutique design into mainstream office environments. Features include:
* Economical, small form factor aluminum NX2 chassis offers durability and sleek, space-saving aesthetics with retractable handle for increased mobility

* Commercial quality AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 processors with guaranteed availability for two years for a stable enterprise

* Integrated AMD PRO Security with layers of built in security features to keep critical data safe

* Speed and efficiency with up to 43% more CPU performance per watt 

Configurations starting at $1,099.