Unity Offers Up Roadmap
August 17, 2020

Unity Offers Up Roadmap

Unity has shared its plans for 2021, and its product commitment is simple. It’s about giving production-ready features, workflows, and components based on what users have said they need.
The company has stated that it is investing in its product, program, engineering, and design teams so it can increase its focus on supporting users with great workflows and commit to predictable, reliable releases. As all software development is a process, every month, Unity will invite the public to view and comment on its progress through a series of developer diaries so they can see the theory become reality.

These are Unity’s focus areas for 2021:

Core product interoperability and stability.
The Unity 2021 release series builds directly on the Unity 2020 LTS (Long-Term Support) release. Its key focus is to increase the stability and robustness of the Editor, to drive down bugs and regressions, particularly those with the greatest user impact. Another important change is that in addition to #bugs, #regressions, and #crashes, it is incorporating broken workflows and interoperability in its definition as bugs and logging them as such.

Additional areas of focus include:
Workflows and usability
Platform reach
Performance and iteration speed

For Unity 2021, the company is evolving three specific feature areas: graphics, multiplayer networking and visual scripting. 

The product release schedule in 2021 will be anchored in these release commitments: A long-term support (LTS) version of Unity 2020, continued focus on iteration speed, developer tooling, and performance improvements; improvements to Asset Import stability and robustness; SRP stabilization improvements for both URP and HDRP; support for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Apple silicon platforms; and increased contributions and collaboration with the OSS multiplayer community.