Rodeo FX and BLVD-MTL Join Forces
September 9, 2020

Rodeo FX and BLVD-MTL Join Forces

MONTRÉAL, QC—Montréal’s independent visual effects powerhouse Rodeo FX has acquired local creative studio BLVD-MTL. Known for client services and award-winning audio, experiential and content production, BLVD-MTL will be joining the Rodeo FX group of creative services, which include its Advertising and Live Action divisions and the high-end photography studio Rodeo Production.
“There’s a natural synergy between us and our new partnership fits perfectly with Rodeo’s values,” says Sébastien Moreau, CEO of Rodeo FX, about BLVD-MTL’s CEO and owner Andres Norambuena. Sébastien began as a visual effects artist and Andres built his studio as a passionate sound engineer. The merging of these two reputable, locally owned companies will allow them to share large-scale production projects, as well as exchange technical savvy and offer local and international clients a well-rounded, full-service creative studio.

Under Norambuena’s leadership, Rodeo FX, BLVD-MTL and Rodeo Production will consolidate all of their advertising, content and experiential activities. In addition to offering top-tier production services locally, the company plans to promote Québec’s creative and technological expertise internationally, and together they'll continue bringing ambitious projects from around the world to the talent right here in Québec. With Rodeo FX’s international expansions, these ambitions are all within reach.

For now, the BLVD-MTL team will keep their brand identity and continue to work independently as a separate entity, while gradually working towards combining all services.

Recently nominated for several Emmy Awards, Rodeo FX now includes more than 650 employees and contributes to some of the world’s most renowned series and films from top Hollywood studios, while its boutique studio, Alchemy24, focuses on Québec-based films and projects. For his part, Andres founded “Boogie” in 2006 as a sound studio, which later became BLVD-MTL, a full-service creative studio. They now have over 50 employees and work with the biggest agencies, delivering exceptional mixing, sound design, content and experience.