Picture Shop Acquires Copenhagen's Ghost VFX
January 14, 2020

Picture Shop Acquires Copenhagen's Ghost VFX

BURBANK, CA — Picture Shop VFX (pictureshop.com), a division of Picture Head Holdings, has acquired Ghost VFX, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Picture Shop VFX has existing locations in Los Angeles, Vancouver and the United Kingdom. Ghost VFX was founded in 1999 and has grown to become a leading visual effects facility for film, television and streaming content. 
Ghost VFX is managed by CEO/co-founder Jeppe Nygaard Christensen, co-founder/VFX supervisor Martin Gârdeler and COO/VFX supervisor Phillip Prahl. Since its founding, Ghost has contributed to more than 70 feature films and titles. Some of the studio’s most notable work includes services for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Mandalorian, The Walking Dead, See and Star Trek Discovery.

“As we continue to expand our VFX footprint into the international market, I am extremely excited to have Ghost join Picture Shop VFX,” states Bill Romeo, president of Picture Head Holdings. “Ghost encompasses the same philosophy and culture that we do.”

Picture Shop VFX’s president Tom Kendall is also excited about the acquisition, saying, “I am pleased to add Ghost to our brand as an international offering. This will increase our services worldwide and broaden our talent and expertise.”