New Shotgun Tools Offer Further Production Management
November 18, 2020

New Shotgun Tools Offer Further Production Management

Thanks to a more global marketplace, new on-set and in-studio safety guidelines, and cloud-based opportunities, there are a host of new workflow demands in production. Based on the acquisition of technology known as Consilium, machine learning-driven generative scheduling is coming to Shotgun Software, and will enable more accurate bidding, scheduling, and resource planning decisions. 
Shotgun has long embraced open standards, which are being leveraged to deliver story-in-context integrated editorial/VFX workflows so that updated effects shots can be reviewed in context of the latest edit of a scene. And asset lifecycle management, currently in early stages of development, will be built on Autodesk’s cloud-based Forge platform, to enable the sharing of assets and all of their dependencies across teams and studios.

  Machine learning will be coming to production management with generative scheduling in Shotgun, currently in early testing. For producers and production managers, this will make the manual and complex challenge of optimized scheduling and resource planning more dynamic, controllable, and predictive. This feature set will allow producers to plan faster, with greater accuracy and agility to help their teams produce the best work possible. 
Enhanced editorial timeline support is coming to Shotgun thanks to open standards, closing the communication gaps that can occur between VFX and edit teams. This will enable artists to access and review their work in the context of the latest edit ingest. If the edit changes, VFX teams can respond immediately, track and examine new edits, and ensure the best creative decision is informed by the current state of the cut. 
The Shotgun engineering team is ramping up investment to bring full-featured, open standards-based asset management to the cloud. This technology will allow studios to manage and share assets across teams and studios over the entire lifecycle of a project. To make the leap to network studios in the cloud, Shotgun will bring rich asset management features into Autodesk’s proven Forge cloud development platform. 
The entertainment industry is evolving and new generative scheduling, asset lifecycle, and story-in-context technology previews in Shotgun provide a glimpse at the future of production management.