New NDI Tool Optimized for NVIDIA GPUs Replaces Need for Video Capture Cards
December 17, 2020

New NDI Tool Optimized for NVIDIA GPUs Replaces Need for Video Capture Cards

BERGEN, NORWAY and SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS—NDI, part of the Vizrt Group along with the NewTek and Vizrt brands, has announced the NDI Screen Capture HX app for NVIDIA GPUs. NDI Screen Capture HX works in collaboration with NVIDIA GPU-based PCs to capture screens and make them available as an NDI source on the network, eliminating the need for expensive video capture cards when sharing or streaming content from another computer.
NDI Screen Capture HX is optimized for NVIDIA GPUs, thereby removing all reliance on a PC’s CPU when capturing a screen. This delivers pristine video over the network, at resolutions up to 4K and frame rates up to 120Hz without compromise.

NDI Screen Capture HX also allows users to run a PowerPoint presentation on one machine with embedded transitions, animation, audio, or movies included and use it on another machine as part of a live presentation, production, or web stream. The tool will also allow users to remotely control one machine using another on the network with full frame-rate video, even on 4K displays, with full support for moving keyboard, mouse, touch surface, clipboard, audio and video between machines.

The capabilities of NDI Screen Capture HX include:
* Full resolution screen capture up to 4K and above, at frame-rates up to 120 Hz or higher
* End-to-end hardware accelerated implementation of NDI®|HX including screen capture, color conversion, and video compression
* Using the high-quality dedicated encoding pipeline on NVIDIA hardware. With full control over the video bitrate, it is possible to have perfect image quality while using almost any network – including wireless
* Incredibly low latency screen capture
* Support for capturing audio from any sound device – input or output – fully synchronized with the video signal
* Full remote KVM solution, allowing remote control of keyboard, mouse, clipboard and even touch from a remote machine
* Full control over the video bandwidth, resolution, and frame-rate being used

NDI Screen Capture HX is provided as part of the free NDI Tools and is available as an installable option when the latest version of NDI Tools is installed on a machine utilizing an NVIDIA GPU.