Meet Looking Glass Portrait

Meet Looking Glass Portrait

What if we told you that viewing holograms of your best 3D creations and even real people is possible today, in 2021? What if we told you that you could own your own personal holographic display, for less than it would cost to buy an Xbox? 

Meet Looking Glass Portrait, your first personal holographic display. Made by the team at Looking Glass Factory, this radically lightweight and portable holographic display was designed for 3D artists of all kinds to view their creations in real-time 3D as they work. It supports Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya, and more.

Powered by Looking Glass Factory's proprietary light field display technology, Looking Glass Portrait generates between 45 to 100 views of a three-dimensional scene and projecting those perspectives simultaneously. Unlike any display that has come before it or in the market today, multiple users can gather around a Looking Glass Portrait to see different super stereoscopic perspectives without glasses or a headset.

You don't even need to know how to program to use this holographic display. That smartphone in your pocket can also make holograms. Any smartphone Portrait Mode photo can be sent directly to Looking Glass Portrait for easy and immediate viewing. Further, that analog photo of your haircut from the 80's can be turned into a hologram too.

Of Looking Glass Portrait, CNET says: "This desktop 3D viewer could be another way to get one step closer to a Star Wars-like hologram popping up on your desk."

VentureBeat says "[Looking Glass] Portrait's announcement is significant to technical decision makers because holographic 3D interfaces have rapidly graduated from science fiction to science fact." 

If you're wondering if it can really be that easy to bring 3D creations to life as holograms, or if you're really the type of person that could own their own personal holographic display....the answer is yes. If you're ready to make your very own personal holograms, pre-order for $100 off at Special early price ends 1/14/2021!