Maxon to Host 3D and Motion Design Show for IBC 2020
August 27, 2020

Maxon to Host 3D and Motion Design Show for IBC 2020

FRIEDRICHSDORF, GERMANY – Maxon has announced the speaker lineup for its 3D and Motion Design Show for IBC 2020. The free virtual event will take place on (formerly from Tuesday, September 8, through Friday, September 11, and will feature presentations covering VR and AR, character animation, photo-real visual effects, motion design and more, presented by top motion graphics and VFX artists. 
Over 15 creatives from around the world will speak during the 3D and Motion Design Show for IBC 2020. Artist highlights include:
●      Dmitriy Glazyrin: The Mondlicht Studio CEO will share tips and techniques for creating visually compelling automotive visualizations. A 10+-year veteran of the advertising industry, Dmitriy has worked with creative agencies such as Platinum FMD (Brasil), Lightfarm (New Zealand), Cream (Australia), and RecomFarmHouse (UK).

●     Simon Russell: Simon will share the making of the Kronos Quartet music video ‘One Earth, One People, One Love’ and how to stay focused on creativity while managing complex technical challenges. Simon is a freelance motion graphic designer based in Devon, UK. 

●       Maxim Kroft and Johana Kroft: The Idea & Maker duo will elaborate on the processes of their collaborative workflow, from concept phase to production. Idea & Maker is a creative laboratory that blends technical knowledge and emotion to create unique visuals in the form of thoughtful craft and storytelling.

●       Yambo: The Creative Director at Yambo Studio will showcase tips and techniques used to ensure a productive workflow while executing projects with large teams. Yambo has worked for over a decade in the CGI industry and has a distinguished eye for intricacy and nuance in the interplay of color, texture, movement and composition.