Manus Offers Polygon Full-Body Tracking and Gloves
June 3, 2020

Manus Offers Polygon Full-Body Tracking and Gloves

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS – Manus, industry provider of quality Prime Series wireless data gloves for high-fidelity finger tracking in virtual reality, has released Polygon, a suitless real-time full-body tracking solution and the advanced Prime II Haptic gloves. 
With the introduction of next-gen products alongside company rebrand, Manus now provides users with a complete, robust VR system specifically designed for teams across a number of industries.

The next-generation Prime II Series gloves has undergone a complete upgrade, designed to optimise the user experience faster and for longer. All gloves are highly intuitive by replacing controllers and buttons in VR, acute finger tracking means every minuscule movement is measured providing users with precise results. Manus now offers three editions to market.
  • Prime II: The base glove is the standalone data glove ideal for use in robotics, a VR glove to replace controllers, and as a motion capture glove.
  • Prime II Haptic: The newest edition provides cutting-edge haptic feedback technology, to ensure deeper sensory and tactility when interacting with objects and textures in VR.
  • Prime II Xsens: Seamless integration with Xsens MVN Animate to complete 3D character animations by adding natural hand and finger gestures.
Meanwhile, Manus Polygon eliminates need for a motion capture suit. It has an integrated full-body solving IK system and accurately tracks body movements via six data points. Polygon and Prime II Haptic can be combined to expand real-time sensations of natural touch and intuitive prop interactions

Manus Polygon is available for purchase as a SaaS. The pack includes a Unity and Unreal plugin and allows all type of retargeting on any avatar style. Prime II Series is set for release July 1 and comes with one pair of Manus Prime II Gloves, USB-C cable x2, Manus dongle, batteries x2, charger and mounting adapters.