Luxion Releases KeyShot 9.1 and KeyShot for SolidWorks
February 11, 2020

Luxion Releases KeyShot 9.1 and KeyShot for SolidWorks

TUSTIN, CA – Luxion, developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and maker of KeyShot, the first real-time ray-tracing and global illumination program for 3D rendering and animation, has released KeyShot 9.1. This release continues with the focus in KeyShot 9 on flexibility and creative freedom with features that address workflow speed, material control, and render output.

With KeyShot 9, Luxion introduced real-time GPU ray tracing and AI denoise, RealCloth technology, and tools to streamline model and material import. KeyShot 9.1 builds on these features with Unwrap UV to aid in the position and application of textures and labels, Name Templates to improve the filename options for render output workflow, and KeyShot Network Rendering with GPU support to scale up the rendering power to make use of all available networked graphics cards.

KeyShot 9.1 is available immediately for current KeyShot 9 users. KeyShot 9 is also available for purchase at and through all certified KeyShot resellers. KeyShot 7 or 8 users with active annual maintenance may upgrade to KeyShot 9 at no charge. Other customers may upgrade to KeyShot 9 for an incremental fee. 

KeyShot 9 introduces UV Unwrap to create maps to accurately apply textures and labels to objects.