Looking Glass Factory's Portrait Holographic Display Gets Personal
December 2, 2020

Looking Glass Factory's Portrait Holographic Display Gets Personal

BROOKLYN, NY – Looking Glass Factory, leaders in holographic light field display technology, has reached its Kickstarter goal to complete development of the first personal holographic display: Looking Glass Portrait. 
This 1.3 lb (660g), portrait-oriented system is the most advanced holographic display, as well as the most affordable and easy-to-use, making it ideal for anyone who wants to view, create, and experience true-to-life, 3D holographic images, video, and applications right on their own desk.
Looking Glass Portrait is designed for those who work or play in 3D: photographers, filmmakers, Unity and Unreal developers, 3D designers, early adopters, and those just starting to explore three-dimensional capture and creation. No programming experience is needed to use this holographic display; all you need is a computer and a phone that can take Portrait-mode photos to get started. 
Those who want to get their hands on the Looking Glass Portrait display can go to the Looking Glass Kickstarter page here. The special price of $199 is in effect until Dec 3. 
The Looking Glass Portrait display will start to ship on a first ordered, first served basis in the first half of 2021. MSRP is $349.