Looking Glass Factory Ships 8K Holographic Display
May 27, 2020

Looking Glass Factory Ships 8K Holographic Display

BROOKLYN, NY – For enterprises that have been waiting decades for a large-format holographic solution that doesn’t require the friction of VR or AR headsets, the Looking Glass 8K Immersive Display is now shipping worldwide.
This breakthrough system, powered by Looking Glass Factory’s proprietary light field technology, is a true holographic window into another world. The Looking Glass 8K delivers an unparalleled 33.2 million pixels with over a billion-count color gamut at 60 Hz, making it not only the largest holographic display in the market today but also the highest fidelity. The Looking Glass 8K operates on optical principles and a software platform that doesn’t require any head-tracking or VR or AR headsets, making it ideal for companies that want to view or interact with 3D content in areas such as engineering, mapping/GIS, medical imaging, entertainment, and more.
The Looking Glass 8K’s hardware and software have been developed by a team of industry-leading optics experts, electrical engineers, and software developers in Brooklyn-based company Looking Glass Factory, the market leaders in holographic light field displays.
Orders are being accepted now. Enterprises interested in pricing for the Looking Glass 8K should head to http://look.glass/8k to request a quote.