Katie Hooten Appointed Head Of Studio At Technicolor's Pre-Production Studio
February 6, 2020

Katie Hooten Appointed Head Of Studio At Technicolor's Pre-Production Studio

LOS ANGELES — Technicolor (www.technicolor.com) has appointed Katie Hooten as head of studio at its Pre-Production Studio, a recently-launched venture designed to serve as a resource to filmmakers by creating a seamless pipeline for feature projects. The studio offers services that include concept art, visualization and realtime production, all the way through to final visual effects. 
Hooten is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of feature film experience in live-action, animation, VFX, and immersive entertainment. She first joined Technicolor’s MPC art department as creative producer after appointments at Blur Studio, The Third Floor, and Walt Disney Feature Animation. Her recent producing work includes Love, Death + Robots with director Tim Miller, as well as visualization for franchise features. She partnered with creatives on the breakout hit Hoodwinked, which challenged the model of traditional animated filmmaking and kicked off a wave of indie animation that continues today.

In her role as head of studio, Hooten will manage the LA team at the Pre-Production Studio, providing top talent, tools and workflows for art department and visualization services, as well as realtime production and VFX.

“I’m passionate about connecting our world-class talent with prolific storytellers, providing visual language in early stages,” says Hooten. “Our suite of tools enhances the filmmaking process, serving the ultimate goal of preserving the director’s vision while providing production efficiencies that extend throughout the VFX pipeline. We’re energized by our collaborations and we’re passionate about our craft. I’m incredibly excited about the work we’re doing here.”