GlassBox Technologies Releases DragonFly 2.0
October 16, 2020

GlassBox Technologies Releases DragonFly 2.0

LOS ANGELES – Virtual Production Software specialist Glassbox Technologies has released an upgrade to its professional, cross-platform virtual camera solution DragonFly. 
The latest upgrade, DragonFly 2.0, brings major advancements in camera tracking capabilities, including the addition of HTC VIVE’s VIVE Tracker support, more flexible workflow features, new floating license options, and the addition of live motion capture support. With a whole host of user-led enhancements, DragonFly 2.0 delivers more options for both indie content creators and studios needing a flexible virtual camera solution for both remote and in-studio workflows.

Chief among DragonFly 2.0’s advancements is the addition of native support of the Vive Tracker, HTC VIVE’s universal tracking device. Use of the Vive Tracker in virtual production has increased exponentially as teams adjust to remote work, thanks to its accessible, low latency and VPN-friendly approach. Glassbox partnered closely with HTC Vive to deliver an intuitive out-of-the-box solution for its users.

DragonFly is a professional cross-platform virtual camera for Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, and Maya that gives users the power to view their computer-generated environments, character performances, and scenes, just as if you were doing a live-action shoot. Used in previs, virtual cinematography, or for virtual location scoutings, DragonFly renders shots in real-time through the camera’s viewfinder, an LCD monitor, or iPad, letting users visualize their virtual world, record, bookmark, create snapshots and replicate real camera moves.

Additions to DragonFly 2.0 include:
Native Vive Tracker Support Custom Tracking Input API
More DragonFly Companion App Tracking
PIE Support for Livelink Data Streaming
Blueprint API Extension
Touch Screen Controls & Customizable HUDs 

DragonFly can be purchased as an annual subscription from the GlassBox website. Perpetual license options are available upon request. GlassBox Technologies has now added floating licenses to the available license types for DragonFly (all versions). Licenses can now be checked in and out by team members working on different machines whether at home or in-studio, making work from home collaboration and remote sessions easy.

DragonFly is available to download as a Free 30-Day Trial from the Glassbox website. 

An informational video is available at