Foundry's Katana 4.0 Refocuses LookDev and Lighting
October 29, 2020

Foundry's Katana 4.0 Refocuses LookDev and Lighting

LONDON – Foundry has released Katana 4.0, its look development and lighting software. Building on multiple developments which focused on UX, performance, and overall architecture in the Katana 3 series, Katana 4.0 introduces key features that empower artists to tackle the rising demands for complex, high-quality work on shorter schedules and tighter budgets. 
A cutting-edge lighting UX, updated USD technology, and pioneering Foresight Rendering workflows comprising two new features, Multiple Simultaneous Renders and Networked Interactive Rendering, provide artists with a fast, scalable feedback process and giving them the added confidence on their creative choices.

The new Artist Focused Lighting Mode empowers artists to emulate the creative decisions and thought process of live-action cinematographers. A combination of several new workflows, this mode supports the creation and editing of lights directly on top of the rendered image in Katana’s viewer with gestures, making the work very intuitive and tactile.

Katana 4.0 introduces the Foresight Rendering workflows. These features allow artists to work simultaneously with renders from multiple shots, frames, assets, asset variations and other tasks from within one Katana project file. They can use the added horsepower of networked machines for fast and scalable rendering feedback when the limits of their local machine are reached. This means a Katana interactive session can scale up at least linearly by the number of machines a studio gives an artist to power their rendering.

USD advancements in the form of an updated Katana Hydra bridge, robust USD Preview Surface support and USD Material Export provide better fidelity and performance in Katana’s Hydra viewer, whilst making Katana the best place to drive look development for a Hydra Viewer or final render to all other departments.