Foundry Introduces Accessible Version of Nuke Studio & Nuke 12.2
July 21, 2020

Foundry Introduces Accessible Version of Nuke Studio & Nuke 12.2

LONDON – Foundry, the leading developer of creative software for the media and entertainment industries, today announces the release of Nuke Indie –  the latest addition to the Nuke family of products, an accessible version of Nuke Studio for eligible solo artists.
Nuke Indie combines the industry-leading node-based compositing toolset of NukeX with the conform, editorial and review capabilities in Nuke Studio, making it the ultimate tool for artists wanting to create high-quality visual effects, at an accessible price of $499 (£399, EUR449) per year. 

Nuke Indie launches within the latest release of the Nuke family – Nuke 12.2. This release builds on the themes of the prior Nuke 12 releases, with an emphasis on streamlining data flow into comp and extending review workflows in Nuke Studio and Hiero. Nuke 12.2 includes updates for pipelines, teams, and individuals while facilitating flexibility and collaboration for teams working remotely.

Highlights of Nuke 12.2 include:
USD ingest support. Nuke’s ReadGeo node now supports reading geometry contained in USD data. Extensions to ReadGeo will be open sourced, allowing studios to customise the node to suit their USD workflows. 
Introduction of SyncReview. Multiple users can run collaborative review sessions in Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer. While this initial implementation is being released as a beta feature, SyncReview already provides valuable functionality to teams collaborating while working remotely. Alongside SyncReview, Hiero’s Python API has been extended to allow even greater customization and flexibility. 
Support for RLM License roaming. Users can ‘check out’ floating licenses for use offline for up to 30 days – great for when taking Nuke on set, or for artists working remotely.  

Nuke Indie is available for purchase as an annual subscription through the Foundry’s website.