Epic Games Releases Virtual Production Primer
October 6, 2020

Epic Games Releases Virtual Production Primer

CARY, NC — Epic Games has added the Virtual Production Primer to its free library of Unreal Online Learning resources. The Virtual Production Primer features eight courses and 10 videos designed to teach the fundamentals of Unreal Engine and real-time production, along with how these skills and techniques may be applied to the emerging area of virtual production.
The collection features two new courses on the core principles of virtual production, led by Epic’s Luis Cataldi and Cinetracer’s Matt Workman, packaged with select resources from existing Unreal Online Learning paths and recent presentations at Unreal Fest Online and Inside Unreal. The curated collection is designed to teach users how to work with the Unreal Editor, projects, file structures and more, as well as the basics of producing content in realtime, and key considerations for performance and design. Recorded talks by industry experts provide hands-on details about what goes into creating top virtual production pipelines and how to deploy them.

The Virtual Production Primer was inspired by a positive response to the Unreal Fellowship, a four-week, full-time intensive learning program tailored for film, animation and VFX professionals. Announced in July of this year, the Unreal Fellowship received over 6,000 applications for 50 spots in just one week. The new Virtual Production Primer aims to share foundational materials with the general public, regardless of their level of experience with Unreal Engine or professional background.

In addition to this new Virtual Production Primer, Unreal Online Learning offers hundreds of hands-on video courses and guided learning paths across industries. All are completely free and available to users of all skill levels. Unreal Engine beginners can learn the fundamentals, while more advanced users can dive deep into courses tailored for specific features or industry workflows.