Cinesite Reshapes Its Production and Technical Leadership
December 7, 2020

Cinesite Reshapes Its Production and Technical Leadership

LONDON – Cinesite has reshaped its production and technology leadership with one new appointment and several promotions.  Over the past five years, Cinesite has emerged as one of the largest independent entertainment service studios in the world, expanding to include the Image Engine and Trixter brands. These latest changes reflect the company’s growing maturity and its endeavors to consolidate expertise across the group.
Hank Driskill joins Cinesite from Blue Sky Studios.  In his new role he will be responsible for leading the CG supervisors as well as shaping the workflow and working practices for Cinesite’s feature animation teams. Hank has over three decades of experience, with over 20 years in senior technology positions. Prior to Blue Sky Studios, he spent 20 years at Walt Disney Animation Studios as part of the studio's leadership, serving as Technical Supervisor on films such as Bolt, Big Hero 6 and Moana. 
Holger Voss is taking on the new role of Group Head of CG for Visual Effects focusing on leading the VFX workflow and tailoring Cinesite’s pipeline to meet the needs of VFX production. 
Danny Smith is a specialist in systems infrastructure technologies within the visual effects industry. In his new group wide position as Head of Infrastructure Technology, he will be responsible for spearheading a unified approach to core infrastructure design and deployment in VFX and feature animation divisions across the Cinesite Group.
Alexander Savenko moves into the new, expanded position Group Head of Production Technology. In this role he will be leading pipeline development strategies across the group.