CGA Belgrade Opens Registration for Online Event
November 20, 2020

CGA Belgrade Opens Registration for Online Event

We’ve been witnessing extensive changes amidst global pandemic this year that have made us rethink and reimagine our lives and work. 2020 has challenged us to slow down and respond to uncontrollable situations with great care in order to hopefully move forward and turn difficulties into opportunities. CGA Belgrade is moving forward – and so are you!
Registrations for CGA Belgrade online event on December 1 are now open for this virtual CGA experience. This year we will be joined by some amazing industry names during afternoon sessions that are set to start at 4PM CET.

The online edition kicks off with virtual production as new focus of film industry with Unreal Engine trailblazing game-engine. If you want to keep a close eye on all things virtual production, make sure you join in on our session Virtual production and the Unreal Engine led by Mark Flanagan from Epic Games with an intent to examine the uses of game-engine technology in Film, Animation, TV and New media.

Spin VFX has also joined the chat and we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome their Executive Producer Neishaw Ali, Visual Effects Supervisor Jeff Campbell   CG Supervisor Simon Milner for a round of CG insights. Although 2020 has been weird enough, there’s still room for Weird animation with Nick denBoe, who will take you on an online tour through some of his commercial work in Maxon’s Cinema 4D including music videos for deadmau5, work for Old Spice, KFC, Conan O’Brien and other projects.

Divided into segments CGAcademy, CGArts, CGAlliance and CGAfterHours, we’ve prepared an afternoon programme that will meet your needs whether you’re looking to get more concrete knowledge, creative inspiration, better understanding of industry business or just plain fun with your peers. No matter your level of industry savvy. We’ve also prepared a present or two, since it’s important to take extra care of each other now more than ever.