BOXX Introduces New NVIDIA-Powered Data Center System
March 25, 2020

BOXX Introduces New NVIDIA-Powered Data Center System

AUSTIN, TX — BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations, rendering systems, and servers, has announced the new FLEXX data center platform as the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) Digital begins on March 25. 

Purpose-built for content creation, FLEXX is available in a variety of sizes and features NVIDIA RTX GPUs, multiple CPUs, as well as other innovative design breakthroughs, and supports NVIDIA GPU virtualization software for remote workstations. 

“FLEXX provides all the power and performance of a desktop workstation inside a rack-mounted, high-density form factor,” said Bill Leasure, BOXX VP of Marketing. “Powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, this unique system enables organizations to accelerate workflows and work remotely, access data, creative content, team projects, and more.”

A multi-node, data center-ready system, FLEXX is capable of simultaneously supporting multiple types of compute nodes providing the highest application performance for engineers, architects, designers, artists, and other professional content creators who are working on site or remotely. Compute nodes include NVIDIA Quadro®Virtual Workstation nodes that can be accessed from any connected device, delivering performance previously available only in desk side workstations, as well as multi-CPU render nodes and multi-GPU workstation or render nodes. With the new FLEXX system, enterprises can provision Quadro Virtual Workstations in minutes, enabling designers and artists working from home to stay productive.


Available in different sizes, nodes are measured as VUs (vertical units), and the FLEXX chassis supports up to ten 1VU nodes or five 2VU nodes. Nodes can be mixed (for example: six 1VU nodes and two 2VU nodes) and can also be removed or inserted without disrupting neighboring nodes. The FLEXX chassis is five rack units high with redundant power supplies. The new systems are recommended for Autodesk Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold, as well as SOLIDWORKS Simulation & Visualize, V-Ray, and other applications.

Joining FLEXX is the RAXX P6G Jupiter featuring up to 16 NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs. The 6U, rack-mounted system is ideal for deep learning development, rendering, simulation, and other GPU-centric workflows. 

Rounding out the BOXX product updates is the APEXX W4L ProViz workstation equipped with four NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs, as well as a 28-core (56 thread) Intel Xeon W-3275 processor and 128GB of memory. Purpose-built to accelerate rendering and simulation, APEXX W4L is ideal for powering leading computer graphics applications like 3ds Max, Maya, and Maxon Cinema 4D, as well as rendering engines like Arnold, V-Ray, and Redshift.