Avalon Holographics Unveils First-Gen Light Field Display
August 25, 2020

Avalon Holographics Unveils First-Gen Light Field Display

ST. JOHN’S, NL – The sci-fi dream of fully immersive, natural 3D experiences is one step closer to reality following the release of Avalon Holographics’ first generation prototype display. The 29-inch development system represents a significant milestone for the Canadian tech start-up and is being met with vocal support from customers, investors, industry analysts, and the Government of Canada.
“Our prototype serves as proof of concept and we’re excited to show the world how natural 3D light field displays will change the way we produce, view, and understand visual content,” says President and Co-founder, Wally Haas.

Avalon Holographics’ prototype was designed in collaboration with partners in defense, medical imaging, and industrial design, where the company remains engaged in active projects. While these represent early target markets, there are wide-scale future applications for the technology and the company’s prototype use cases will inform future product offerings.

“Our early adopters are on the forefront of their respective industries,” says Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development, Russ Baker. “But the long term potential and applications for our technology are tremendous – from both an enterprise and consumer perspective. We’re building light field displays that will eventually replace many of the screens that we use today.”