Adobe Updates Substance Alchemist
June 16, 2020

Adobe Updates Substance Alchemist

Adobe has announced the release of key updates to Substance Alchemist, including its highly anticipated image to material tool, which enables users to seamlessly take an image and transform it into a detailed and realistic material for your 3D designs.
Updates to Substance Alchemist include:

Image to Material: The eagerly anticipated feature uses AI and machine learning to truly recognize the shapes and objects in a user’s image and generate a height map - making the final texture/material more accurate.
2D Painting: A painting mode has landed for users’ 2D view – allowing you to control the details of your materials.
New Content & Tools: Users can access new content, like cracks, moss, floor tiles, stitches and more. New tools include perspective correction tool, clone tool improvement, Blend Mode with a per channel blend, Text input parameter support, new meshes (Shoe, T-Shirts) and Hybrid filters composition.