iPi Soft Announces Enhancements to its iPi Motion Capture
November 27, 2019

iPi Soft Announces Enhancements to its iPi Motion Capture

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – iPi Soft, LLC, developers of the markerless motion capture technology   iPi Motion Capture ,  announced enhancements to its iPi Recorder 4.4.4 and iPi Mocap Studio 4.3.0 software. New features include improved live feedback and foot tracking for depth sensors, further integration with the Unity gaming engine, as well as support for Azure Kinect sensors.  

iPi Soft is also offering a 30 percent discount on iPi Motion Capture throughout the holidays.

“The live feedback improvements are key capabilities that will accelerate the motion capture workflow for game designers and visual effects artists,” Michael Nikonov, founder and chief technology architect of iPi Soft, says. “Tighter integration with the Unity real-time game engine is a huge benefit that will provide content creators increased flexibility to create projects quickly and with more accurate results.”

The new version of iPi Mocap supports higher resolution in tracking mode providing more motion capture accuracy with lower jitter, while the smoothing filter can now remove visual jitter during live feedback tracking. Users can also change target 3D characters for motion transfer without the need to stop and restart live feedback. Recent live tracking settings are now stored thus eliminating the need to reset every time live tracking feature is used.

Meanwhile, closer integration with the Unity gaming engine gives users the ability to stream tracking results to Unity, in both live feedback and offline tracking mode, allowing them to see how the motion will look in a 3D setting. Animation can also be post processed in real-time via Unity.

The product also supports Azure Kinect sensors, a new generation of popular Kinect depth sensors recently released by Microsoft that have better depth quality, wide field of view mode and other advantages over Xbox 360 and Xbox One Kinects. iPi Motion Capture now supports Azure Kinect giving customers improved tracking quality and the ability to use the system in spaces as small as 7-feet by 5-feet. 

For the holidays, iPi Soft is currently offering a 30 percent discount for orders placed before December 31, 2019 (please use coupon code NY2020). This includes a discount off of iPi Soft’s perpetual license that includes two years of full support and software updates, as well as its subscription-based pricing model.

iPi Motion Capture Version 4 is available as perpetual license or subscription-based model. Prices range from $165 to $1,995 depending on the version of software (Express, Basic, Pro) and duration of subscription.