The Third Floor Launches 'Story Attic' Website
March 18, 2019

The Third Floor Launches 'Story Attic' Website

LOS ANGELES — Visualization studio The Third Floor, Inc., has launched a new creative content initiative called Story Attic ( The Website will feature original digital comics, illustrations, videos and short literature, all with science fiction and fantasy themes, and designed to be consumed in three to 10 minutes. 
“At The Third Floor, we’re a regular contributor to high-profile films and shows for companies like Marvel, Lucasfilm and others,” says Doug Lefler, who is spearheading the new initiative. “We have a pool of motivated artists, editors and illustrators who give 100 percent on their daily work but still find time to write, direct, draw, animate and edit on their own time. With Story Attic, we encourage creative composition among our talent, with a platform to quickly showcase the concepts and work. The idea is simple; create a lot of content in formats that are accessible and let followers online tell us what deserves further development.” 

Digital comics for Story Attic are presented in the Scrollon format, which was invented by Lefler – whose work as an animator and story artist harks back decades to films like The Little Mermaid - as a way to tell stories without borders or pages. Story writing is being done at The Third Floor, with illustrations by professional comic book artists like Chuck Wojtkiewicz, Anthony Winn and Moose Baumann. Video content is being produced through the company’s editorial department, headed by John Caldwell.

The Third Floor started in 2004 and has grew into a global company based in LA and London, with teams collaborating on productions worldwide. Some of its credits include previs for Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Gravity and Avatar. 

All Story Attic content is available free by visiting The digital comics can also be read by downloading the Scrollon app on an iOS device.