The-Lab Opens As Creative Workspace In NYC
October 30, 2019

The-Lab Opens As Creative Workspace In NYC

NEW YORK CITY — Full service creative studio The-Artery has launched The-Lab, a new hub for artists and visual storytellers to work within as well as collaborate. Located at 118 W. 22nd Street in Manhattan, The-Lab ( is structured to be an environment conducive to innovation, offering a home for complementary talent to work with and alongside each other. 
“First and foremost, this is a business playground for building companies, products, careers, and most importantly, relationships,” explains founder and executive creative director Vico Sharabani. “Our strategy is to design conditions in which bold and exciting ideas can be envisioned and launched organically rather than try to define what they’re supposed to be.”


Boasting a spacious layout within The-Artery’s own creative studio, The-Lab hosts high-level talent curated from a diverse range of mediums, carefully taking into consideration the opportunities for collaboration and potential value for the community as a whole. Imaginary Forces and Northbound are already using the space, adding their expertise in design and video production respectively. Sustainable beverage container startup Uno is also driving their communications and awareness work through The-Lab, as well as 77 Ventures Creative, which recently expanded into the space.

Directors Danielle Lessovitz, Marcelo Bukin and Alfredo Rodriguez-Allen were welcomed into the fold for their capabilities across film, commercials and photography. Additional creative standouts include AR technologist Itay Niv, art director Hélène Zünd, and video artist/senior motion graphics designer Gerry Rufman.


“This launch embodies The-Artery’s values, character and style,” says Sharabani. “From directors and producers to designers and technologists, we see instant and frequent collaborations happen all the time. Who knows, if The-Lab continues to be a success, there may be additional locations.”