Mill Film Publishes Diversity Goals For 2019
March 8, 2019

Mill Film Publishes Diversity Goals For 2019

MONTREAL — In the spirit of International Women's Day, Mill Film has published details on its diversity and inclusion  goals   for 2019.
Here, global managing director Mauren McCallum addresses the topic with a letter to the industry.

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, and a diversity milestone for Mill Film and visual effects. At its core, diversity and inclusion is about how different people help us challenge our viewpoints and push us out of our comfort zones – that’s a big thing here at Mill Film – we think our differences make us stronger. People with different views, different backgrounds, different experiences – working towards a common goal while still being themselves. It might sound utopian – but as we looked closer at how we could build the next great studio, we were able to see some things we could start today. We know it will not be simple – it will involve lots of effort, lots of learning from each other, and lots of opened conversations about difficult and sensitive subjects. And how we plan on building out our culture of diversity and inclusion – is one of those topics.
Diversity is critical to our success as a company. People from all backgrounds consume our clients’ award-winning content, and as a partner of that content we believe we can better serve both consumers and our clients’ needs with a more diverse creative workforce. Since our relaunch in February of 2018, we’ve made commitments to increase the number of people from traditionally underrepresented groups in visual effects – and we are excited to both celebrate those milestones [an over 30 percent female creative workforce!] and set a few more for 2019.
Today, Mill Film publishes the first steps in its public commitment to a culture of diversity and inclusion. While we know our ambitions may be great, we believe that sharing this with the overall VFX community will help keep things more accountable, more measurable, and ultimately prove successful with the changes we wish to make for both ourselves and the community we belong to.
Happy International Women’s Day!
Lauren McCallum
Global Managing Director 
Mill Film