Meet the Jetson Nano CUDA-X AI Computer
March 21, 2019

Meet the Jetson Nano CUDA-X AI Computer

Great things often come in small packages, and that is certainly the case with the Nvidia Jetson Nano, a small but very powerful CUDA-X AI computer that delivers 472 Gflops of compute performance for running AI workloads.

Priced at just $99, the Jetson Nano is affordable as well as power-efficient, consuming just 5 watts.

The Jetson Nano comes in two versions: a $99 developers kit for developers, makers, and enthusiasts, and a $129 production-ready module for companies looking to create mass-market edge systems.

According to Nvidia, the Jetson Nano supports high-resolution sensors, can process many sensors in parallel, and can run multiple neural networks on each sensor stream. It is the latest addition of the Jetson family, which includes the Jetson AGX Xavier for fully autonomous machines and the Jetson TX2 for AI at the edge. The Jetson Nano fills the niche for enterprises, startups, and researchers, bringing AI to the maker movement.

The Jetson Nano Developer Kit is available now, while the Nano module will begin shipping in June.