IKinema Launches Orion 2.0 for VR Mocap
April 5, 2019

IKinema Launches Orion 2.0 for VR Mocap

FARNHAM, UK     IKinema ,  specialists in real-time whole-body solving animation technologies, has released Orion 2.0, the cost-effective, high-end motion capture solution that brings a deeper sense of realism with whole body immersion.

IKinema has rewritten the core solver to further strengthen the quality of live-body motion displayed on 3D animated characters within virtual environments. A new System Health Tracker has been added plus technology fixes completes the revamp.

Orion is compatible with OpenVR hardware such as the HTC Vive and controllers to capture motion of head and hands, and Vive Trackers to capture hips and feet as well as the Manus VR glove for fingers, enabling full-body motion for natural digital avatar movement.

New to IKinema Orion are major solve quality improvements, a System Health Tracker for real-time monitoring and reporting of motion quality, improved FBX recording, improved head tracker/HMD orientation, and hip offset adjustment during live sessions.

The mobile, cost-effective system captures high-quality mocap data combined with low-cost consumer hardware. Capture requires a minimum of six trackers, or eight trackers for higher fidelity.

Anannual license can be purchased via the IKinema website, at £400 per seat.