Corona Renderer For C4D Simplifies Visualization Process
January 14, 2019

Corona Renderer For C4D Simplifies Visualization Process

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — Render Legion, a Chaos Group ( company, has launched Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D, simplifying the visualization process for artists and designers. Corona Renderer’s simple, yet powerful approach can now be used by the C4D community to turn out photorealistic visuals very quickly. By reducing the rendering process to a few clicks, artists can spend more time on their ideas.
Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D builds on the strengths of its popular 3ds Max version, aligning product standards with tools specifically designed for Cinema 4D. Through a tight integration, Render Legion has tied Corona Renderer deep into Cinema 4D, making it an easy addition to any architecture or design-based workflow.

Instead of test renders, artists get immediate feedback as they work. Whether modifying geometry, lighting, camera location or materials, each change appears in photorealistic quality within the Corona VFB (or Cinema 4D Picture Viewer), greatly accelerating the look development process. 

Corona Renderer operates like a native rendering engine, allowing users to render to the Picture Viewer, Corona VFB or Cinema 4D viewport. Full compatibility with Team Render lets Corona Renderer apply its innate speed boosts to any distributed process. Users can interactively adjust the color and intensity of scene lights before, during or after rendering, allowing for subtle or extreme changes with just one render.

The release offers a simpler way for artists to create, edit and reuse shaders between channels or materials. The editor works with all Corona and many Cinema 4D material sets, and introduces the ability to spread changes across multiple materials at once. Users can also choose between high-quality CPU or interactive GPU-based AI denoising to speed up renders and look development.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D is available for MacOS and Windows, and is compatible with Cinema 4D R14 to R20. A workstation and three render notes are priced at $28.50/month, with yearly rates available as well.