Chaos Czech Releases Corona Renderer 5 For 3dsMax
November 6, 2019

Chaos Czech Releases Corona Renderer 5 For 3dsMax

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — Chaos Czech ( has released Corona Renderer 5 for 3ds Max, with major boosts for scenes featuring heavy displacement and caustics. Additional work to memory savings and processing power bring further gains, helping designers do more with their hardware.
Geometry processing is now up to 20x faster thanks to a new 2.5 Displacement capability. Now default on all new scenes, the 2.5 Displacement tool can render 3x faster with half the memory for scenes using intense displacement – with no change to a user’s existing workflow.
"As developers, it's easy to get lost in the thrill and challenge of pushing the boundaries of rendering technology. However, that's not always the most beneficial thing for end users, who depend on the software to make a living,” says Adam Hotový, co-founder and vice president at Chaos Czech. “Corona Renderer 5 supercharges what’s already there, so designers don’t have to buy more memory or the latest CPU, every time they need to make a push.”
Corona Renderer 5 builds on Corona 4’s developments, offering new advancements for caustics workflows. Performance gains now run at up to 20 percent in scenes that are pure caustics, making the process of rendering lighting effects on pool water, diamonds and glass even faster.
Corona Renderer 5 also introduces new optimizations to geometry storage, Bloom & Glare calculations, and scenes with large numbers of instances. Rendering of CoronaColorCorrect and CoronaDistance maps is faster as well.
Corona Renderer 5 is available now for Autodesk 3ds Max x64, versions 2013-2020. Pricing is subscription-based, with monthly rates set at $28.50 for one workstation and three render nodes. Yearly pricing is $330.