Avid Redesigns Media Composer NLE
April 10, 2019

Avid Redesigns Media Composer NLE

LAS VEGAS — Avid (www.avid.com) has announced that it has redesigned and reimagined its flagship video editing system, Media Composer, for today’s — and tomorrow’s — generation of media makers. Unveiled at Avid Connect 2019 in Las Vegas, the gathering of media and entertainment users, the all-new Media Composer 2019 will be in the spotlight and demo’d at the company’s booth starting Monday, April 8, on the first day of the 2019 NAB Show.

Jeff Rosica, CEO and President at Avid, told Post that he “challenged the team to get going” and further develop its flagship core tools for today’s artists. With Media Composer 2019, Avid is looking to inspire professional editors, freelancers and journalists to work more creatively by taking advantage of a new user experience, a next-generation Avid media engine (which Rosica says the team has secretly “been building, piece by piece, over time”) with distributed processing, finishing and delivering capabilities, a customizable role-based user interface for large teams, and more. 

“After receiving input from hundreds of editors and teams across the media industry, and knowing where the industry is headed, we reimagined Media Composer, the product that created the nonlinear video editing category and remains the gold standard,” adds Rosica. “Media Composer 2019 is both evolutionary and revolutionary. It maintains what longtime users know and love while giving them more of what they need today — and what they will need tomorrow.” 

With Media Composer 2019, an editor can go from first cut to delivery without ever leaving the application. Whether they are a professional editor, freelancer or someone just starting out, Media Composer 2019 inspires creative storytelling. 

Rosica broke down the four main areas that were targeted in the new Media Composer 2019: A new user experience, a next-generation Avid Media engine, new finishing and delivery workflows and a customizable toolset.

With the new User Experience, makers can work at the speed of creativity with a paneled interface that reduces clutter, reimagined bins to find media faster, and task-based workspaces showing only what the user wants and needs to see. 

The next-generation Avid Media engine puts more power at a user’s fingertips with features, such as native OP1A, support for more video and audio streams, Live Timeline and background rendering, and a distributed processing add-on option to shorten turnaround times and speed up post production. 

With new finishing and delivery workflows, users can now create and deliver higher-quality content with editing, effects, color, audio and finishing tools without leaving Media Composer. Whether working in 8K, 16K or HDR, Media Composer’s new built-in 32-bit full float color pipeline can handle it. Additionally, Avid has been working with OTT content providers to help establish future industry standards. 

For its new, customizable toolset, Avid built the new Media Composer | Enterprise for large production teams. It provides administrative control to customize the interface for any role in the organization, whether the user is a craft editor, assistant, logger or journalist. It also offers unparalleled security to lock down content, reducing the chances of unauthorized leaks of sensitive media.  

The Media Composer family adds Media Composer | Enterprise for post-production, broadcast, media education and other larger production teams. Media Composer | Enterprise is the industry’s first role-specific video editing and finishing solution. Large production teams now have the ability to customize the interface and tailor workspaces for different job roles, providing end users access only to the tools and functions they need. This capability gives teams better focus so they can complete jobs faster and with fewer mistakes. Media Composer | Enterprise also integrates with Editorial Management 2019 to deliver collaborative workflow innovation for post production and enables creative teams to stay in sync.

For more features and functions of Avid Media Composer 2019, visit the Avid Website.