Arraiy Debuts DeepTrack AI Tracking for Real-Time Productions
March 20, 2019

Arraiy Debuts DeepTrack AI Tracking for Real-Time Productions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA   – Computer vision technology company Arraiy has launched DeepTrack, a machine learning solution that provides real-time tracking for broadcast, news and sports productions.  

DeepTrack is the first application to launch in Arraiy’s DeepStudio suite of robust AI-based tools for real-time virtual production pipelines. 

DeepTrack is powered by Arraiy’s proprietary machine learning engine and performs real-time camera and rigid object tracking using a vast library of data sets and AI. Targeted for broadcast applications, including news, sports and television studio productions, DeepTrack delivers real-time tracking data from live camera signals to simplify virtual production workflows. DeepTrack will be publicly on display for the first time at NAB 2019, where attendees can see Arraiy’s real-time technology demonstrated with the Future Group’s Pixotope virtual production system in booth SU12702 and at the Startup Loft in the North Hall at N2333.

“We’re doubling down on developing revolutionary new deep learning technologies that radically impact entertainment – and beyond,” said Rublee. “As we transition from the R&D phase to commercialization, we’re excited to bring in industry veteran Mark Tobin to lead business growth, while Gary and I continue to innovate.”

“Machine learning presents remarkable opportunities for content creators. Digital production workflows in particular are bogged down by several painstaking processes that can largely be automated through deep learning and AI,” said CSO Gary Bradski.