Animation Studio Delivers New 4D Ride
April 9, 2019

Animation Studio Delivers New 4D Ride

MONTREAL –   L’Atelier Animation has delivered its latest project in partnership with the Parc Asterix in France. The Montreal-based studio is behind the 3D visuals for the amusement park’s latest ride,  Attention Menhir! , which opened to the public on April 6.

Attention Menhir! is a brand-new adventure featuring the beloved characters from Uderzo and Goscinny. Opening with a shadow puppet show created in collaboration with Caribara Animation, the interactive 4D ride then places the audience in the middle of the action as Roman troops attempt to kidnap Panoramix. 

“With characters as well-known as Asterix and Obelix, we inherited a lot of reference material. We also adapted some pre-existing assets from Asterix: The Mansion of the Gods (2014) to devise our own visual signature while creating new characters and environments,” comments Florent Masurel, Production Designer at L’Atelier Animation.

Attention Menhir! came with a challenge, to push the use of stereoscopy as much as we could while keeping the spirit of Uderzo and Goscinny alive and well,” adds Benoit Blouin, Head of CG and VFX Supervisor. “Our teams responded to this very well and the results are incredible. After working on this project for a year, I’m very excited to get the full 4D experience at the Parc Asterix!” 

Operating in Montreal since its launch in 2012, L’Atelier Animation specializes on high-end animation projects. The studio’s inaugural feature-length film, Leap!, generated over US $106 million at the box office, garnering an Annie Award nomination for Best Production Design along the way. In addition to Attention Menhir!, L’Atelier Animation recently delivered Robozuna, a Netflix Original animated series co-produced by KidsCave Studios and ITV Studios Global Entertainment. The studio is currently working on Fireheart, a feature-length animation film co-produced by Main Journey and Caramel Films.