A New Breed of Workstations
March 20, 2019

A New Breed of Workstations

At the annual GPU Conference, Nvidia announced that is has teamed up with leading OEMs and system builders to deliver new workstations designed specifically for the challenging work of data scientists, analysts, and engineers.

The machines, called data science workstations, are purpose-built for data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning; they are capable of extreme computational tasks while preparing, processing, and analyzing massive amounts of data in industries such as finance, insurance, retail, and professional services.

The workstations will use the latest Nvidia Turing GPU architecture: dual Nvidia Quadro RTX 8000 and 6000 GPUs delivering up to 260 Tflops of performance and 96GB of memory using NVLink interconnect technology. They will also utilize CUDA-X AI, a collection of GPU acceleration libraries that enable computing applications to benefit from the GPU-accelerated computing platform. The workstations make it easy for scientists to wrangle, prep, train, and deploy models quickly and accurately.

These data science workstations are available now from Dell, HP, and Lenovo, and regional system builders such as Boxx and several others.