92nd Oscars' General Entry Submission Forms Due November 15th
November 8, 2019

92nd Oscars' General Entry Submission Forms Due November 15th

LOS ANGELES — Friday, November 15th is the deadline to submit Oscars Submission Forms in the general entry categories to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for 92nd Academy Awards consideration. Films will not be accepted for consideration after the deadline.

For a feature film to be considered for the 2019 Awards, the film’s distributor or producer must upload via the submission website a scanned, signed copy of the OSF (https://submissions.oscars.org/) and legal billing (complete on-screen credits) or deliver a signed OSF and the film’s legal billing to the Academy’s 8949 Wilshire Boulevard office. The deadline for submission by either method is 5pm PT on November 15th. If a feature film is released in Los Angeles County in 2019 and the completed OSF and billing are not delivered by the deadline, the film will be ineligible for Academy Awards in any year.

While the credits submission deadline is November 15th, feature films have until December 31st to open in a qualifying commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days to be eligible for 2019 Awards consideration.

Entries in the animated feature, documentary, international feature and short film categories are subject to special rules and qualifying criteria. The submission deadline in these specialty categories has already passed.

Nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards will be announced on Monday, January 13th and the 92nd Oscars will be held on Sunday, February 9th.