WorldViz Releases Vizible, Announces VizBox
April 4, 2018

WorldViz Releases Vizible, Announces VizBox

SANTA BARBARA, CA – WorldViz’s VR business collaboration solution, Vizible, which released to existing WorldViz customers in January 2018, is now available for all businesses to purchase. In addition, the company has announced VizBox, a portable, all-in-one VR solution businesses can use to join Vizible collaboration sessions.
“Current methods for visualizing complex information such as product designs or architectural designs are falling short. Businesses are using blueprints and 2D screens to try to extrapolate what a 3D design might look like at scale, and that just doesn’t cut it, especially when the smallest mistake can cost a company millions of dollars,” said Andrew Beall, CEO of WorldViz. “VR provides a better way to communicate that information, and a better means for collaborating around that information, which is why we designed Vizible and its companion product, VizBox.”

Vizible brings VR to businesses looking for new, cost-effective and more immersive methods for communicating complex ideas to prospects, clients, and internal teams. It comes with a powerful desktop Presentation Designer that is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and lets users drag their own content (e.g., PDFs, videos, audio, and 3D models) into a VR presentation and position it wherever they want in virtual space. 

While the tool is immediately familiar to anyone who has made a PowerPoint presentation before, its cloud-based, collaborative editing, and instant cloud sync, make any Google Apps user feel right at home. Once users design a Vizible session, they can invite anyone around the globe to it as conveniently as if they were setting up a web conference call. 
WorldViz also announced VizBox, which is a patented, all-in-one boxed solution that is light enough to carry, and sturdy enough to ship. Businesses can ship VizBoxes to customers or satellite offices that may not have VR headsets available. The units come with everything needed to connect to a Vizible VR session, including:
  • VR capable laptop with high-end Nvidia graphics card
  • Oculus Rift HMD, two Oculus Touch controllers, all connector cables
  • Two Oculus trackers build directly into the unit
  • Hard-sided Pelican case with custom-cut foam inserts to hold the hardware in place while shipping and during use.
No specialized training required to use VizBox and connect to your Vizible session.

Vizible is available on a subscription basis as a cloud-based (SaaS) solution. The starting subscription price is $250 per user per month, which includes phone and online support. The price only applies for hosting a session – attendees can join a session free-of-charge. 

VizBoxes will be available for Vizible users from May 2018 for $7,900 or can be rented upon request.