Wacom Debuts Cintiq Pro 24 & Cintiq Pro Engine
February 27, 2018

Wacom Debuts Cintiq Pro 24 & Cintiq Pro Engine

TOKYO — Wacom (www.wacom.com) has released the Cintiq Pro 24 pen display, expanding the company’s Cintiq Pro high-definition range, which is designed for creative professionals seeking a larger digital canvas and the power to tackle an increasing onslaught of creative applications and programs. The new 24-inch Cintiq Pro pen display joins the previously introduced 13- and 16-inch models and will be available in May. The earlier announced 32-inch model is slated for release later this year.
The 4K display provides 98 percent Adobe RGB color accuracy and a billion colors deliver a true-to-life visual experience. The pen-on-screen experience was also improved. The combination of the new Pro Pen 2 technology (improved pressure sensitivity featuring 8,192 levels), the etched glass surface, the reduction in parallax through optical bonding and the close to zero latency, provide artists with precise control and a more natural feeling.Pricing ranges from $1,999 to $2,499.

Wacom has also introduced the Cintiq Pro Engine, a compact PC module that converts the Cintiq Pro into a powerful creative studio. Artists can now transform their Cintiq Pro into a powerful Windows 10 workstation with the power to run demanding creative applications and workflows.

The modular Cintiq Pro Engine slots into the back of the Cintiq Pro 24, eliminating the space, cable clutter and compatibility issues that often result from using external computers and laptops. Attaching the Cintiq Pro Engine to the Cintiq Pro 24 tranforms the Cintiq Pro 24 into a full Windows 10 creative studio. Adding the use of the Wacom Pro Pen 3D, professionals who rely on 3D animation or sculpting software, or CAD applications, will see an immediate benefit to their workflow.

The Cintiq Pro Engine is powered by the Nvidia Quadro P3200. This graphics card is based on the Nvidia Pascal GPU architecture. The Cintiq Pro Engine memory and SSD are exchangeable and upgradable, ensuring system flexibility. Given the plug and play nature of the hardware, it’s easy to move between Cintiq 32-inch and 24-inch displays while retaining the same computing environment with the Cintiq Pro Engine. 

Pricing is $3,299 and two versions of Cintiq Pro Engine will be available when released in May 2018.